Cheryl Campbell-Lane

Certified Rolfer®
Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage
Trager Approach

A Newport Beach Physical
Therapist winner of the
2017 Patients' Choice Awards


I have had the honor and privilege of owning a very successful Rolfing® business in Newport Beach for 31 years. However, the time has come for me to close my business and move to Arizona. I welcome new clients who live in or come to Tucson. Im still using my Ca. cell phone number 949-240-4580.
Thank you, Cheryl

My introduction to the profession of massage therapy began 32 years ago while I was living in Hawaii. At that time, I became acquainted with one of the Big Island's renowned massage therapists, lovingly called "Aunty Margaret" who taught me "Lomi Lomi" massage. My experience with Aunty Margaret led me to study with several "Kahunas" (Hawaiian healers) including a legendary surfer named Rabbit Kekai who taught me a technique termed the "Japanese Ogasaki" technique. For the next 10 years, I continued to study massage and worked with and under several experts in massage therapy.

In addition, I continued expanding my professional background by working with an osteopath and utilizing my massage background to assist in the healing of patients. Specifically, I worked with many patients who had been in various types of accidents and learned several techniques that helped alleviate their individual struggles with pain.

During my first year as a licensed massage therapist, I was introduced to Rolfing®, a technique that I consider to be the most sophisticated and all-encompassing Rolfing® technique on the planet! In 1988, I returned to Newport Beach from Hawaii to pursue training in this specialized field. And, in 1989, I opened my office in Newport Beach to serve clients as a Rolfer® and overall Massage Therapist. And, over the last 20 years, I've kept active with advanced studies in Rolfing® and studies in NLP (Neurolinguist Programming). I have been certified as an Integrative Coach by the Debbie Ford Institute. Currently, I am studying materials developed by Dr. Caroline Leaf who is a leading NeuroMetacognitive Learning Specialist. Her studies involve brain research, learning combined with spirituality.

My broad background in these healing modalities have proven to be most rewarding in assisting my clients to access their total mind/body/spirit connection. It is my goal to help each individual client achieve an optimum, balanced life through the techniques that I have mastered.


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