I can’t say enough about Cheryl’s professionalism and concern
for her clients. She has studied multiple modalities and utilizes them to individualize a program based on a client’s needs.
My recovery from the diagnosis of breast cancer in 2000 would not have been as remarkable without the care and concern Cheryl showed me. The Rolfing® sessions helped strengthen my core and prepared my body for targeted shoulder massage and lymph drainage treatments. I’ve scheduled monthly sessions for the past 9 years…they’re so habit-forming!
Cheryl not only helped to heal my physical body, she opened my eyes to the mind/body connection through guided meditations during treatments.
Cheryl is one of a kind. My daughter recommended Cheryl as the only person she would trust with my physical recovery. She couldn't have been more “right on”!
— Mary Jo Querry

I am very fortunate to have met Cheryl. I regret that I did not meet her prior to multiple spinal surgeries and over a decade of chronic pain on a daily basis. Cheryl restored a life that had been missing for years. While she did not miraculously take away all the pain, she did restore my body to a state where pain did not overpower everything else in my life. In any time, past or present, or in any society, Cheryl would be known as healer.
Bill M.

Cheryl is a great Rolfer®. I had shoulder and neck pain and the migraines were so bad I didn't wand to live. I went to physical therapy for over a year when another therapist told me about Cheryl. I talked to her for a long time. She asked me to come in and after one hour the pain went away for good. Rolfing® helped me change the outcome of my life. Rolfing® changed my life. I was inspired to become a Massage Therapist and help people feel better. I have been to at least 15 massage therapists and Cheryl is the best... she works on the part of the body you need most. Most people don't know the right touch... and believe me Cheryl is clearly the best!
— Sherrie Morhar

I wish there were more like her. I found my way to Cheryl's office back in August 2000. I had yet to experience any form of remission since an automobile accident some three years earlier. I thought I had exhausted all methods of treatment for soft tissue injuries including; acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy and physical therapy. My goal was full remission of my symptoms; I wasn't ready to give up yet. Someone asked me if I had been to a Rolfer® and it was then that I had the great fortune to find Cheryl. Within just a few weeks of treatment, I knew she was the missing piece to my full recovery I discovered that Cheryl's expertise was not limited to rolfing®, she is trained in all methods of rehabilitative therapy. The longer I know Cheryl my respect for her as an individual and a professional continues to grow. Cheryl's enthusiastic passion for her work and her years of experience have made her a highly respected professional in her field. Cheryl has an accurate intuitive sense of exactly what her clients' needs are. She is a true natural healer. This coupled with her enthusiasm for life, people, and her clients as individuals help to create her very special healing environment and her successful outcomes with all her clients.
— Karen Porterfield

Cheryl Campbell-Lane was given to my family as a gift! Knowing how much my mother loved massage, a dear friend of ours gave my mom in her dying days at home a weekly massage and it was truly a gift of peace and light for her. Cheryl and I became friends instantly and I've come to depend on her for regular help with my health issues. Her massage therapy has helped me with arthritis in my back, muscle tension, and stress in my life. It is a joy to look forward to our hours together and Cheryl is someone who I consider a healer, as she is interested in what's going on inside your body and mind. She is committed to positive energy and helping others achieve optimum health and wellness. She enjoys what she does and it shows in her approach and results. I consider it a gift to myself to see Cheryl on a regular basis.
— Gina Sammis

Cheryl’s is a very talented Rolfer®. She is an expert in tailoring your own personal massage. One of her strengths is in determining where your body most needs attention without you telling her. Everyone I have referred to Cheryl has only outstanding compliments.
— Judy Elbogen

I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to feel better in their body! I can't remember when I started with Cheryl, only that my wife sent me because she thought my posture wasn't what it should be and she that it made me look and move like an old guy. I'm not normally the kind of man who gets massages or treatments and I was surprised that a young woman half my size could create such dramatic changes in my body as I went through the first series of 10 sessions.
I kept going to Cheryl because I could see for myself what a difference it made in how I felt and moved. She just seems to know where to work on me and what I need by looking at me. I feel she has an excellent knowledge of anatomy and is a highly skilled and well educated practitioner. Even after spinal surgery I went back to her, confident of being helped not hurt.
Her office isn't in some spa and I feel entirely comfortable going to her and having her work on me. Whatever discomfort I have going in is always gone when I leave and I get around much more easily than before. At close to 80 I look and feel much younger and I attribute much of that to Cheryl's work.
I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to feel better in their body!
Bob Levin

When I first met Cheryl I was suffering from terrible migraine headaches (the result of a whiplash accident). Traditional physical therapy was making my pain worse. After only a few sessions, Cheryl unknotted the knots and released me! Her ability to tune into my individual needs and adjust her techniques accordingly, makes Cheryl stand out among other body workers. I recommend Cheryl’s work to everyone.
J. Arielle Golden

I'm so grateful to have Cheryl in my life. I started going to Cheryl about 20 years ago, I did the basic series of 10 sessions, each one focusing on a different body part. I have been getting treatments from her ever since. Her work is unique and effective and has helped me tremendously as I attempt to maintain my mobility and posture, despite years of overuse, several foot surgeries & severe degenerative arthritis in my spine and hips.
It never ceases to amaze me that I ALWAYS walk out of her office at least an inch taller than when I walked in...and without the pain I came in with.
Cheryl's sessions typically begin with her sitting on a ball and watching how I walk and stand as well as asking me what I feel is bothering me. Then she gets to work. Lying draped on a table with a heat lamp warming up tight areas (and soothing music in the background), she gets deep into the muscles and tissue and releases the knots or whatever it is that's causing the pain and discomfort. Often she'll ask me if I can feel the difference between the front and back or sides and, of course, it's obvious. And, at the very end of each session she'll ask if there is anything else I need done and then she'll do what is needed so I always leave feeling balanced, loose, free and... with really good posture!
I'm so grateful to have Cheryl in my life. She is a wonderful person and a fabulous technician with many, many years of training and work. Also, she is constantly taking different classes to learn additional techniques to add to her healing repertoire. I've had many a good deep massage at various spas in the area and at resorts all over the world, but nothing even comes close to the results I get from a session with Cheryl. She is the best!
Debbie Winston

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